Home Grown Solutions With A Global Perspective   

Insaka Foundation is a public benefit and youth focused social enterprise working to generate home grown solutions with a global perspective to serve at-rick communities. We design and implement training modules to enhance risk reduction and prevention knowledge and skills to individuals and communities.

Our Mission is to advocate for universal free expressions of ideas using multimedia, events and capacity building to develop and promote homegrown solutions to meet global challenges of today and beyond.

Our Origin

Among the various ethnic groups in Zambia there is a long held tradition which has been practiced over the years and has been passed on from one generation to the next. A tradition to reserve a sacred public space to come together and confront challenges; to share ideas critical for personal survival and community wellbeing; to seek knowledge and wisdom; to conquer poverty and create wealth; to know one’s roles and responsibility in the community. 

The, insaka is at the same time, a physical space, an event and a process the betterment of community. The Insaka Foundation is built on the principle of the “traditional insaka” which recognizes that the insaka is a living structure existing within the deeply established traditional leadership structures which govern people’s behaviour at-risk communities.

 Insaka Foundation seeks to build on the success of the traditional insaka’s so as to adopt the global perspective in order to evolve the good old insaka to be part of the global effortsto attain universal wellbeing in 21st century and beyond

Our Strategy


We emphasize knowledge and skills based approached to the change processes


We ensure sustainability and ownership the desired change process through community engagement in partnership with traditional and community leadership structures.


We promote behavior change processes and advocacy for community action


We promote the interpretation and translation of key and lifesaving knowledge into local languages making it accessible both print and electronic media

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Telephone: +260954 398121

E-mail: info@insakafoundation.org

Address: 2302 NAPSA Provident House, 

Kawambwa Road, Mansa, 

Luapula Province, Zambia.